We pride ourselves on providing high quality sports medicine that is provided by therapists who have participated at high levels of athletics. With our sports medicine model we deliver patient centered care that involves collaborating with physicians, coaches, family members, athletic training staff and strength and conditioning specialists. Not all physical therapists have the skill set to ensure an athlete’s readiness to return to sport safely. Our sports medicine therapists have put in the time to understand all that is involved in athletes getting back to sport. This not only includes physical readiness but also the athlete’s confidence in themselves.

Return to Sport Evaluations

If you have been injured or undergone a surgery and want to return to sport safely, literature has shown that passing return to sport testing reduces risk of re-injury by 30-50%. We have developed an evidence-based battery of return-to-sport tests that will evaluate in-depth your readiness physically and mentally to return to sport.

Movement and Biomechanics screening (FMS, SFMA, Y-balance,TPI)

Understanding of movement quality and biomechanics is important when trying to avoid injury, get rid of that nagging pain you have or improve performance. We have skilled clinicians who will put you through testing and breakdown your movement quality and biomechanics to better understand what specifically is causing you problems or limiting your performance. A thorough understanding of how you move will lead to the development of a specific program tailored to your specific needs.

Golf Rehab and Performance: Titleist Performance Institute

One of our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified Physical Therapists will use a combination of a physical screen and swing analysis to assess your body and swing to find ways to optimize both.  This Body-Swing Connection helps improve areas of weakness and immobility to make your swing easier to perform, or can find a more efficient swing method that matches what your body is capable of doing.  Whether you’re a weekend duffer or teeing it up competitively, the TPI screen and swing analysis can help you achieve your goals, both in rehabilitation to return to playing, or to knock off those last few strokes to impress your playing partners.

3D Motion Analysis for Running

We offer state-of-the-art gait analysis that gives us detailed information on your running mechanics. Understanding how you run can make you more efficient, reduce injury risk and improve performance whether you run competitively, run for the joy of it, or you play a sport that involves running. This 3D analysis is accompanied by a running specific movement screen to better understand your biomechanics as they relate to running. We like to say this is the MRI of analyzing running mechanics. We can pick up a lot of things with 2D analysis, but this system gives us details unable to be seen with our eyes (force production, specific joint ankles, stride length measures, ground contact time, etc). If you cannot seem to get rid of that nagging injury, or you feel like no matter how hard you try, you cannot improve your times; then gaining a better understanding of how your running may be what you need.

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